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A fun trend that is easily turning into a new wedding tradition is having wedding sparklers at your wedding to send you off in style. Wedding sparklers are great because they are fun, add magic to your wedding, and are an easy way to put that exclamation point on the end of your night. They are also easy to mix with any wedding theme or style. Long-stemmed sparklers are great for elegant weddings, heart-shaped sparklers are perfect for summer love and sweetheart weddings, and the traditional sparkler will fit in anywhere!
As you plan your send off, you may encounter some difficulties with your wedding venue. Many won’t allow anything that requires additional clean up or could cause damages. So, if you were thinking confetti, streamers, rice, or anything thrown, you may want yo think again. Sparklers are great because they are not going to be tossed and left on the ground. Though, you may have some venues concerned about the fact that they do actually burn. A way to handle this is to come in with a game plan and a specific way of handling the sparklers, then a venue may be willing to bend the rules. Whatever you do, be respectful.